• christian baez

to build a home

I don’t want to be like him. Not this time. Not with you. Let me be someone different, here. Someone better. Someone who proves you good and convinces you they won’t give up on love if you are here… Let me design your happiness with my unconditional best. Let me guide you through my emotional downfalls. Let me in on your most tender thoughts and allow my faith in us to strengthen your tomorrow- to manifest a stage lit up with the most translucent of lights, the most soothing of sounds. I tell you now I am not him. I will not procreate the fires he made. I will not keep my doubts in secrecy. I will not bend your trust for my own comfort. Let’s write something real, here. Let’s fill pages with the enthusiasm children play on the playground... I am now and you are here. With that much truth, we can design. With that much hope, we can build. With you by my side, darling we can learn to live.

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