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Alright, you want me to indulge you for a minute, alright… Come then, stand with me on the corner of 4th and Lafayette... It was, it was a Thursday. Yes, the last Thursday in May where the weather called for short sleeves and sunscreen. At least, that’s what I’d tell you every morning that summer as you’d get ready for work- myself snuggled under our grey sheets, seeing you stand at the end of our bed, still wet from your shower, in your cool toned Calvin Klein briefs… despite your adamance for a pinstriped button-down and chinos, you always asked for my approval before leaving, my espresso thoughtfully waiting for me on the kitchen counter... I don’t recall what the dispute had been about the day prior- come to think of it, there were plenty of little arguments throughout our time together! Arguments that now, seasons later, recycle away and come back as silliness and regret… So, we walked down and I took us to that cafe for dinner, remember? A meal, a cocktail (I think) and a peaceful conversation later, we left and walked a couple of avenues before hailing a cab home. Home... a different sound and feeling for you and me now, dear… But alright, too much indulgence can make our hearts weak. I will leave the street and avenue here. Here for other commuters. Other lives, other seasons, other anything.

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