• christian baez

nine to five

Wish… I wish… I wish I could lay down beside you when the day is done. I wish I knew what it’s like to see your face in the morning sun on a Saturday. I wish I could get up before your eyes open to fix you coffee, just how I’ve learned you like it. I wish to know what it’s like to have a moment of stillness to myself, before hearing your velvet voice call me babe from the bedroom to disrupt my disbelief. I wonder what that would be like… An uncomplicated and tender romance, fashioned for you and me. I wonder how we’d spend that morning, coffee in hand, light bouncing off from the corner of your shoulder as I make my way to the couch. I wonder if you’d wear your reading glasses then, and wonder what mug I’d have. I wonder if these wishes are a fallacy or premonition of defeat. I wonder… I wonder so much, I wish these wishes would run and set with the day, every day…

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