• christian baez

grow as we go

I know I said I would run. I know I said there was freedom for me beyond what I couldn’t see. I know I packed my things and said goodbye that September night. I know I turned my back to years of could-have-beens to a lost child I never took the time to really try and understand… accept. I know I left no trace for you to keep an eye out for me. I know I never reached out despite the very few memories I left attached between our always frail relationship. I know I made up my mind that night, not knowing what that would look like down the years... I know what you may think of me now. I know I never taught you what it takes to build a home- a home I never really drew out the blueprint for you and them to build from… I know I don’t know how to come back. I know I don’t know if I ever could. I know so little now after I said I would run... after I ran.


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