• christian baez


I can’t hurt you anymore. Do you know that? Are you consciously aware of the simplicity in those words? Sweet angel… if you were, you’d be beaming with happiness right now- radiating it throughout your city, these new streets… I know, I know I’m probably the last consciousness you want to hear from, but I need you to know that you are free. You prayed for it, didn’t you… You and your collection of brokenness laying on that bathroom floor during afternoon breaks, heavily sobbing but quiet enough to not let your friends hear it from the other room. Yes, you’d pick yourself back up, trembling tears splashing on that tile floor, clenching that bathroom sink until your fingers turned red hoping the more your hands hurt against that marble the more your life would numb… How I wished I could have come then, breaking that hostility space holding your innocence captive sweet angel… how I… look. Look how the dusk brings streaks of light in time.


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